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3 My objective is to provide spaces that inspire each soul that enters, lives, and works within them. As the heart of the home, kitchens are a particularly resonant space to design. Every project is a delicious adventure and the opportunity to create something new that carries so much meaning and possibility. I love to immerse myself in the textures, emotions, and sensations each of my homeowners want to evoke. For me, as a trained musician, that often looks like auditory musings that seamlessly translate into visual artistry, birthing harmonious color palettes and audacious contrasts. The virtuosity lies in orchestrating balance, wisdom, and clarity with the utmost precision, crafting a masterpiece that resounds with love, passion, and joy. Designing a kitchen with intention also involves the layering of ideas — it's called leitmotiv in music. Recurring themes are cleverly and thoughtfully planned and positioned throughout a space, adding contrast, dimension, texture, and scale — and always punctuated with an innovative flourish or an unexpected aesthetic. Ultimately in any design — and in the kitchen especially — the objective is to trigger all the senses. We achieve that through dynamic accents, dramatic elements, and bespoke embellishments that cater to every detail and reveal a distinctive story. What a thrill! Kitchens Esther Boivin Esther Boivin Esther Boivin Interiors Scottsdale, AZ see page xxx Photography by Mike Duerinckx

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