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A R C H I T E CT U R E 209 Freeman Architects Freeman Fong realized from an early age that he had an eye for proportion and almost obsessively wanted to "fix" rooms that did not feel right. This passion for how a room feels led to drafting classes and competitions in school, a master's degree in architecture, and the founding of his firm, Freeman Architects in 1987. With a philosophy that each of us has an innate understanding of a room's proportions, Freeman designs residences that simply feel good. When you step inside one of his homes, there is not one single feature that stands out from the rest. Instead, the design is cohesive and leaves many people commenting that they can't tell why a room feels good, but they just know it does. This level of comfort and warmth is one of the driving forces behind Freeman's work. He knows that life can be hard but delights in making life a little easier whenever he can through proper home design. At the start of a project, he encourages his clients to go within, to honestly ask themselves what they want in their homeā€”not what their friends may want or the trends suggest everyone should have. In this way, his clients learn about their true desires and in the end, receive the keys to a home that is uniquely theirs. Through careful planning, budgeting, and open communication with everyone involved, Freeman inspires confidence and creativity among his diverse clientele, who appreciate his unconventional approach to truly great design. LEFT: When entering the rambler before the remodel, guests were met with the kitchen, dining area, and living room in the center of the house. The layout just did not flow properly, so Freeman Architects was hired to add an 800-square-foot family room to the home, and the floorplan was reorganized to improve its overall feeling. Photograph courtesy of Freeman Architects RENTON

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